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Como activar claro video telcel

enero 14, 2022
Como activar claro video telcel

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In this post you will find all the relevant and timely information on how to activate Claro Video Telcel, registration, cost and payment of this excellent service provided to its customers by the telecommunications giant in Mexico, to satisfy the most demanding tastes in the area of entertainment and leisure. Because it knows that this sector is changing, it makes sure to take a step forward to lead the new way of accessing what you like and what is in trend. Know the terms and conditions of its promotions, get free video, and much more, don’t miss it!

The way to access the world of entertainment is changing by leaps and bounds, and Telcel knows it, as a leader has been given the task of developing new ways to offer what its customers want. And now they can enjoy the best content in movies, series and programs on their own cell phones, thanks to the Claro Video Telcel online platform. And today you can activate Claro Video Telcel in the easiest, simplest and fastest way.

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Learn how to get free Claro video as a Telcel customer, how to sign up, activate and cancel the service. In this article you will also find information on how to sign up for Claro video with Telcel in case your plan does not include it.

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This Claro video with Telcel subscription includes the complete catalog with more than 500 series, movies and concerts, compatible with the following devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Xbox console or computer.

If you are using Claro video with Telcel as a new customer, your free month will start counting from the first login to the App. If you do not cancel your subscription before the next month it will be charged automatically and the charge will be reflected in your Telcel bill.

You must cancel your Claro video subscription at least 24 hours before the expiration of the contracted period, otherwise at the beginning of the new month the service charge will be automatically charged.

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The digital streaming platform Claro video, offers Telcel customers a variety of series, movies, concerts and much more, it includes great advantages that make it the best digital entertainment option in Mexico. In order for users of the phone company to enjoy it, they must know how to activate Claro Video Telcel.

If you are a new Telcel customer and you are enjoying the Claro Video service, then you have a free month, which runs from the first moment you access the application. If you do not wish to continue with the service the following month, then you must cancel the subscription before the end of the free month. Otherwise the company will automatically charge the service in the next invoice.

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This way you can activate Claro Video Telcel for free, according to your plan. It is important to note that the activation is free, however, the payment of the service will be made automatically every month, with a cost of $115, which is reflected in the monthly bill.

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Now we are the ones who decide what we want to watch, when and how. We are our own TV director. We choose the order of the grid starting from a channel like Claro Video. For this, these tips will help us to configure the platform so that we can become experts and know how to make the most of all the services it offers us.

One of the advantages that exist with Claro Video is that there are different ways in which you can pay your subscription since there are some coupons that will give you membership for a limited time or you can have your subscription included in your Telmex payment receipt, that you can pay with your Telcel account or you can opt for the most conventional way, which is to give your credit or debit card information.

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An important step you will have to do after you finish your subscription is to tell Claro Video some of your likes and dislikes. Things like what device you use most to watch movies (Smart TV, Tablet, Smartphone, Computer, etc). Then it will ask you some questions like how often you watch comedy movies, action movies, drama, documentaries, etc. in order to generate a list of recommendations that go hand in hand with your tastes.

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